What was the first song that you ever played for public? How did it make you feel?


It's hard for me to remember what my first public performance was.

I have been performing for as long as I can remember, whether it was school plays and concerts or in the local traditional Irish pub as part of a 'sing song' where everyone from young to old would sit around the pub and pass around songs, of course as a child I would sip on a bottle of coke and wait for my turn to sing the song that was in my head all the week long

What made you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in music?


I suppose I always got great joy out of performing and always considered it as an option but only really when I saw others before me go on and really persue music as a career that I realised that it was possible. When I was in school, a local lad Mick Flannery who was 5 or 6 years older than I was played a show in Cork Opera House, and everyone went to support him, there was such pride in the community and the feeling from the stage that someone was doing something that they love to do. It was then when I realised that it was for me. 

Do you have your your own favorite music and is it any different from the music you are playing.


I don't have a favourite type of music, generally any type of music that I can connect with emotionally. I love Jazz singers from Ella Fitzgerald to Esoeranza Spalding, I love the smooth lush sounds that come from Richard Hawley's "truelove's gutter" album 2009 , as well as the rockier sounds or his newer materiel. It all depends on my mood

What is the best place to write a song?


In the country, where there's no people or no internet or dogs, or distractions! Just a kettle, some good Barry's tea and a piano!

What hat was the most bizarre/weird  moment on stage ? And how did you react.


A drunk girl once came up on stage and started playing my piano! I calmly walked her off the stage and sat her in to a "naughty" chair, like a small child! It was very annoying at the time,  but thinking back at how I handled it I can't help but laugh!

What was the furthest show from your home that you have done so far ?


After just returning home from a U.S. tour this is fresh in my mind.

Harrisburg Pennsylvania , which from Cork is 5,223 km away! 

As an artist , is there anything special you hope to be able to accomplish?


I want to someday record a live album, as well as an album of compilations with artists that I admire.

What was the best gig you ever played? Why?


I have been so lucky to have had so many amazing gigs over the past few years. Some highlights for me have been both at home and abroad. My album launch last Feb 13th was a big highlight for me, I went all out for this with a full 8 piece band including 3 piece strings. I had such great support from friends and family and was delighted to see so many familiar faces that showed up to support. 

Other highlights for me from this year, I toured Germany and Holland for the first time, one gig in Germany in a town called Swabisch Hall was particularly great, and the beer wasn't bad either.

And most recently in the US in New Jersey I played an beautiful house concert in Patrick Glennon's house, where everyone who attended brought food to share, it was such a nice evening. 

What did you do before you got into the music industry?

I have always been a musician really. Once I left school I went on to study music in University, after that I was a full time musician.

Just for the fun please fill in the blanks..........

Without music......... i would be a bad painter

My music makes me feel ........Support music because no one else will! 

Anna Mitchell - Down To The Bone 


Het prachtige van Anna Mitchell verdient het om met de ogen gesloten te beluisteren. Op haar eerste album overtuigt deze Ierse zangeres ons tien nummers lang. De stijl van Anna is misschien het best te omschrijven als singer songwriter  met invloeden uit de folk, americana en een snufje country soul. 

De liedjes ademen een ingetogen sfeer uit. Openingsnummer 'Paradise' is van absolute schoonheid , zowel zang en de teksten. Maar ook nummers als ' Tennessee' en ' What A Fools To Do' overtuigen. Prachtige nummers met een kop en staart.

Naar ik mag hopen gaan we nog heel veel horen van deze Ierse zangeres. Haar prachtige debuut is in eigen beheer opgenomen en onder andere te koop via haar eigen website.