What are you listening to lately?  


Billy: Albert Collins, James Cotton '' High Compression ,

Soul Asylum, Meat Puppets....... . And that's just work related.

I listen to oldies, i listen to and study lots of music.

Did you ever censored yourself in a song?


Billy: Yes, note wise and lyric wise. Old School Thang is a prime example. I have expletives that fit the rhythm of the song but for general consumption and record making i don't use them.


Other than the people you're with now ( off course they are the best), but if you could get any musician, living or dead, who would be in your "dream band?".


Billy: Charles Calmese on Bass , Kenny Johson on Drums, Fathead Newman and Hank Crawford  as the horn section. 


If you had to make a protest album today, what would you tell us?


Billy: Don't hit one another, emotionally or physically. Be kind at all expense


What song of yours are you most proud of, and why?


Billy: "Wild Heart" because people really like it.


Thank you so much Billy , is there by any chance something you want to share and i did forget to ask, please feel free to mention?


Billy: I usually say after i finish a song we play live, and we do it well, and we get the spirit moving that i can change the world. I truly believe that. I say after the song is over, " and the world is a better place. Thank you ladies and gentleman. And the band plays on... ".


Billy Hector- Old School Thang


Voor een heleboel mensen is Bill Hector een onbekende.

Maar echter niets is minder waar want Billy Hector doet al zo'n 35 jaar zijn ding. Op het album staan 11 nummers , waarvan 10 van zijn eigen hand en een cover. Het album rockt, het album schuurt en ook de funk komt zelfs voorbij. Maar altijd is de blues in de buurt.

Eigenlijk staan er geen zwakke nummers op dit album. Maar wat mij betreft steken er toch twee nummers bovenuit Going' Down nummer twee op het album en het slotstuk People of the World een afsluiter van maar liefst 8 minuten.

Voor liefhebbers van gevarieerde blues rock is dit een aanrader.