When did you start writing about music and what or who were your early passions and influences? 


We all have the same essential passion, and that’s the blues. But we listened to everything from CCR, Bob Dylan, Hendrix to RL. Burnside and BB King. This also drove us to start writing in an early age. But for this band we started pretty much the same day as we did the first recording in mid 2014.





Who are your favorite musicians? Groups? CD's?


Thats a tough question, but Hendrix is always gonna be in the top.


Do you get nervous before a performance ?


Depends on the amount of beers we have had before, but yeah… we are always pretty nervous.


How do you promote your shows?


Social media is the best way, but we also use some old school-posters and stuff like that.


What's your outlook on the record industry today?


It is what it is, interesting and pretty weird… It brings up a lot of cool bands that maybe not would have been noticed a couple of years ago, but it also invites people who maybe should be doing something else… 


What's your claim to fame?


To be able to play music for a living, that has always been the goal.


What inspires you to do what you do?


The joy of playing live and giving a hundred percent. 


What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player? 


Since we haven't used one for a long time it’s probably packed with Backstreet Boys. Now we only listen to vinyl. Still on Backstreet Boys though…


If you weren't singing, what would you be doing?


Don't know, maybe try to make it as a professional ice cream taster in the local bowling alley. 


Is there something you would like to do more of in the future?


It would be really fun to play more festivals, and also tour more outside of Sweden.


Where would you like to find yourself in ten years?


Keep on touring and recording records. Hopefully play a lot of great scenes and tour all over the world.


And off course all there questions that i did forgot to ask.


We have one of our songs featured in the season 2 premiere of a Netflix series called ’Bloodline’, be sure to check that out. It premiers 27th of May.