Chris Daniels and The Kings - Funky To The Bone 


Na acht jaar eindelijk weer een nieuw album van Chris Daniels samen met zijn Kings. Het is bijna vijf jaar geleden dat bij Chris de diagnose leukemie werd gesteld.

De titel van het album is dan gelijk te begrijpen, het is de energie van het willen (over) leven. Het is een optimistisch album vol funk, soul en blues. De titeltrack maakt het haast onmogelijk om stil te blijven zitten. Maar ook nummers als Dance Dance Dance en Joy dragen bij aan dit gevoel. 

Maar in het nummer Survivors voel ik de emotie.  Dit prachtige nummer is geschreven voor mensen die ziek, gewond of beschadigd zijn door het leven.  Maar met de drive om koste wat het kost te willen overleven. En ja na zoveel energie en emotie 

voel ik me Funky To The Bone. Wat een prachtplaat.


What are you listening to lately?

I've been listening to Johnnyswim (from LA) the Fairfield Four (from the movie O Brother) and The McCreary Sisters. I was just the MC for one of the biggest roots music festivals in the US in Telluride Colorado -- I sat in with a bunch of the bands like the Sam Bush Band and Leftover Salmon. Johnnyswim is great new music by a great young husband/wife duo out of LA and The Farefield Four is black gospel and spirituals - they formed the group in the 1920s -- just unbelievable.


Did You ever censored yourself in a song ?

I've never censored myself in the writing of a song -- but in the actual recording- yes - radio in the US does not play profanity so when I record I will sometimes change a word that would get the song kicked off US radio - but that is not a big deal for me. As far as topics - no, never -- I'll write or sing abut the things I believe in no matter what anybody says.


Other than the people you’re with now (off course they are the best) ,but if you could get any musician, living or dead, who would be in your "dream band?"


Well, my dream would be to have Louis Armstrong with Doody in the horn section - to have Billy Payne as our keyboard player - to have Bonnie Raitt on lead/slide guitar and oh yeah Trombone Shorty too -- that would pretty much be fantastic!


If you had to make a protest album today, what would you tell us? 

Well, musicians are not politicians -- and we shouldn't be -- I have issues I care about -- US race relations and cops treatment of people of color is totally fucked up -- but I am not the right person to write that song - Marvin Gaye, James Brown, NWA and a hundred others I can think of including Bob Dylan write better protest songs -- that are authentic. I am not the victim of police brutality - so it would sound wrong coming from me - now -- Freddi has experienced it directly - and if he wanted to write the lyrics I would be way down with writing the music! ! !


What songs of yours are you most proud of, and why? 

Sister Delores - because it is a true story - I was sick and she prayed for me and I felt better  (

Cool Breeze - I love writing "epic" songs that have big musical sections and that one really worked

Survivors - because it is for people who are wounded, sick or somehow hurt and yet they survived


If you have to pick one, what is your best memory visiting the Netherlands? 

Every tour is different - this time the one memory that sticks with me was the great vibe and great food of the little club we played at on Sunday afternoon/evening. As far as one overall -- probably the night we played Parkpop.


Why are European audiences and gigs so important to American bands and artists – especially in blues and jazz?

It's simple, European music fans are driven by learning more than just the 'pop' music artists. Sure, Bruno Mars is great but what European, and especially Dutch music lovers do is they go beyond the current pop star into the music -- so they know who Tower of Power is and who Albert King and Edger Winter are. American audiences just know the pop stars. That is why American artists love coming here -- you all are true music lovers.