David & The Circumstances - This Part of Me


Achter de naam van David & The Circumstances gaat het alter ego schuil van David Groeneweg.

Met het album ' This Part Of Me ' heeft de Rotterdamse zanger zijn eerste solo album opgenomen.  En wat een mooi album is het geworden. Negen door hem zelf geschreven en gecomponeerde nummers die vanaf de eerste noot tot het einde blijft boeien. De zanger neemt de luisteraar mee naar een andere wereld. This Part Of Me is een album die het best tot zijn recht komt in een rustige luisteromgeving. Al snel zal het album haar schoonheid openbaren aan de luisteraar.

En het lijkt haast wel of er naar iedere draaibeurt een dimensie bijkomt. Kortom met ' This Part Of Me' heeft David Groeneweg een prachtig debuutalbums gemaakt.



What's the first song you ever remember hearing?


"Knockin On Heavens Door" by Bob Dylan. I used to sing "nok nokkie nokkie non" or something. My niece and cousin played it at my uncle’s wedding.


What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town?


Listening to Michael Jackson's History album on cassette. I was about ten years old when my friend Ruben let me listen to the  tape he had  recorded, which contained some of the songs but also a lot of silly jokes in between, recorded in pretty bad quality. I remember feeling particularly overwhelmed by "Earth Song". It's the first time I recall feeling this tingly chill down my spine when listening to music. I borrowed my friends tape and made a copy at home and listened to it over and over again. Some time later I got the actual double CD for my birthday, and didn't stop listening to it for quite some years.


If you have to describe your music in three or four words,what would you call it?


Melancholic, subtle, dynamic and poetic.



How did you become involved in the type of music you play?


While my last album has a really quiet and serene character, I have always loved to play (alternative) rock music as well. I started playing guitar at age 10 and started playing in bands when I was about 13 years old. Jimi Hendrix was a big inspiration at the time. I started singing when I was about 17 and then became the lead singer and guitar player of my band. At that point I really got into Bob Dylan, and discovered the genius in his work when I started to play his songs by myself. We mostly played alternative rock with the band (I was a big Queens Of The Stone Age fan!) but I also started writing some more quiet songs at the time, inspired by Dylan but also Radiohead and U2, which were and have remained big influences. I was particularly fascinated by the way they succeeded in combining loud, powerful and noisy sounds with a kind of fragility and silence. That tension is something I've been exploring as a songwriter.


After high school I formed a new indie-rock band called The Circumstances, and we recorded an EP called Firing Neurons. After that I started writing some more quiet and introspective songs, probably also reflective of the amount of time I spent meditating at that time. The songs really centered on lyrics and needed less of a band-sound so I decided to record a solo album and started performing as a solo artist. But circumstances continue to change and evolve so it might well be that I want to record my next record with my band again, it all depends on where my songwriting goes from here.


What can people expect to see at your live performances?


At the moment I'm mostly playing shows on my own or together with my cellist, so there's not much to see apart from me having my eyes closed while singing my songs as I become absorbed into them.


Do you have any fan comments of how your music or a song affected them?


I got a really cool message from a 17 year old rapper from Washington. He happened to listen to the first demo of my song "This Part Of Me" on Soundcloud and sent me a message saying he really loved the song. About a year later he contacted me again through Facebook saying he'd been literally cherishing the song after he downloaded it, saying it helped him feel better whenever he felt down and that it was one of his favorite songs in the world. It made me realize once more how small our world is becoming because of our connection through internet.


If you could perform with anyone in the world, either dead or alive, or broke up who would it be? Why?


I'd love to sing "Every Grain Of Sand" together with Bob Dylan. I've recently been playing that song a lot and I really like Bob's current voice.


What is the furthest show from your home that you have done?


I did a number of shows in New York City last summer and in 2014.


Just for fun…………. Please fill in the blanks,


Without music I would be - a scientist, probably a physicist . I'm really interested in quantum physics, relativity, etc. and considered studying physics after high school, but I decided to do music.


I write the songs because - I feel an urge to express something inexpressible. No matter how vague that may sound, writing songs gets me closest to that mysterious place.


Music is - an expression of the mystery of life, especially because it's so transient and intangible.