Heather Crosse - Groovin' At The Crosse Roads


Singer songwriter en bassiste Heather Crosse is geen onbekende in de wereld van de blues. Toch maakt Heather Crosse  met  ' Groovin ' At The Crosse Roads ' haar debuut album. De zangers is geboren in Louisiana en is tegenwoordig woonachtig in het plaatsje Clarksdale , Mississippi. Haar huidige woonplaats verklaart de titel van haar album, immers volgens de legende bevinden zich hier de ' Crossroads ' . Alwaar volgens de legende Robert Johnson zijn ziel aan de duivel zou hebben verkocht. Op het album speelt de zangeres met haar bas en haar soulvolle vocalen de blues met volle overgave. Op de elf nummers van het album horen we duidelijk terug dat Heather al eenendertig jaar zingt en 18 jaar de bas bespeeld. Heather Crosse heeft met haar talent een geweldig album gemaakt.  We gaan op zeker nog heel veel van haar horen. Wat een droomdebuut. 


What are you listening to lately?  

I am listening to more 50s-70s old soul music lately. It just soothes my soul and makes me feel good and relaxed!

Which line/phrase on your album is your favorite and could you try to explain why?

My song 'Hurryin' Up To Relax' has my favorite line in it cause it's real & funny..."Da music biz ain't as glamorous as it seems!" The song is a sort of musician's anthem that discusses the trials of trying to make it as a performer.    Many people think musicians are just partying all the time and being treated like royalty, but this is often not the case. It is actually hard work and you must give so much and make many sacrifices to be successful. The music biz is tough!!! My line just says it all in a nutshell and it is something I would say to my non-musician friends to try to explain.

Which artist inspired you to become artists yourself?

All my band leaders/mentors over the years have set great examples and inspired me. My being a Blues bass player made me happy to back someone for the rest of my life, but mentors pass on and I was left standin'! I accepted this 'my being an artist' only in recent years. It has been a long hard process to rise from side bass player to front woman still holding down the bass job in the Blues Music Industry especially. I will give some credit to Susan Tedeschi for inspiring me years ago right before she made it big and showing me that a sweet down-to-earth woman who sings and plays an instrument can do it! ...and Super Chikan really influenced me on how to run a band and stage presence.

What was the best show you ever played or felt the best vibe and what was the most embracing moment on stage?

Ooo...there are so many for I am one to always try to create the magic! One of my favorites is when Jerry Jines, original guitar player in my band, jumped a foot off the stage during his guitar solo. The man was not in the best health, never saw him jump before, and he died a year later, but that night he was on fire and gave me goose bumps. He played with so much feeling that it always made me give everything I had! There is also the first time Bob Margolin hired me to play bass for him. It was like flashing back in time to my favorite place. I learned bass mainly from playing along with Muddy Waters cassettes and Bob told me that I remind him of Calvin "Fuzz" Jones and made the bass lines like him. Fuzz is my favorite bass player! Wow!!!  

Did You ever censored yourself in a song ?

Yes! I became a music teacher here in Clarksdale, MS. and well it is a small town where everybody knows everybody. So, when I have parents or students at my shows I omit some bad words from those old Blues songs or don't do certain songs with adult subjects! LOL!

What can we expect of your music  in the near future and what direction do you want to go with your music ?

I believe I will continue to write universal music that reaches people and perform all over the world for the rest of my life. I am hooked! I know I will always stay rooted in the Blues, but I feel that I will write some new old Soul music as well. I am signed with Ruf for a 3-record deal, so I have 2 more to go for now and this will enable me to accomplish my goals. I am very grateful to Tom Ruf for finding me and giving me this opportunity. 

How would you describe your perfect day?

My perfect day is always when I'm playing my favorite music. That is my happy place and everything else just melts away. I am in that special moment!

What else do you do besides play music?

My second love is Nature! I love hiking, swimming, canoeing, and camping! I love the woods and water, my other happy places. I also love teaching music to children & adults and this is the most rewarding thing I have ever done.

What is your favorite album by another artist?

This is hard! Can I name a few? All Muddy Waters and Bob Marley albums, Big Mama Thornton-Hound Dog, The Peacock Recordings, Etta James-The Best Of...The Millennium Collection, Otis Redding-The Very Best Of, and The Band-Greatest Hits.

The  last question is perhaps the most important…… what question would you ask a performer if it was up to you 


Just always want to know what makes them tick...Why do you play music? There are so many great stories!