Who are some of your favorite composers, musicians and bands from the past and present?


First, I started playing guitar at age seven after my mothers death in 1973. The first favorite artist were The Beatles, and then Bad Company because they had major blues influences. Then I learned about my delta blues heritage. Little Milton Cambell, Willy Foster, Johnny Winter and all the way up to Gregg Allman...... All them I played with or opened for.


There a particular song of musical passage that never fails to move you emotionally?


My Favorite song or passage was '' Been Down Hearted Baby'' by B.B. King live at the Regal Theatre.


How would you describe your perfect day?


My perfect day is when i wake up in the morning and i'm still breathing.


Who were you, or would you be nervous to meet?


It would have been my guitar hero, Pat Travers; who is a great blues player. I got to meet and hang out with him, and he was such a great fellow that i was not nervous anymore. He also became a good friend of mine, and that's really cool.


Is there something you would like to do more in the future?


Yes I hope I get to play all over Europe with Denise Owen.


What else do you do besides play music?


I like to practice martial arts, and spend time with my singing partner and best friend, Denise Owen, who sings lead vocals on Smoking Gun. And we sang a duet together,  Soul Shake. And you'll have to figure out the rest of the story your own.............


If you had to make a protest album today, what would you tell us?


First and foremost, i have no protest.... Man!!! I would like to say being from the Misissipi Delta, Greenville, that i believe the rest of the world should be like all us musicians. We all get along and and don't worry about race or hate, and i think there is a lesson to be learned from that.


 What question would you ask a performer if it was up to you?


Maybe, i would ask what they felt in their hearts during a performance.


What is your favorite album by another artist?


Queen of Hearts by Gregory Allman..... Best album I've ever heard!!!!!!


Did You ever censored yourself in a song?


No, absolutely not, never ! I don't think about anything else but playing ; I just feel the music and play the blues.


Which line/phrase on your album is your favorite and could you try to explain why?


I'M HAND CUFFED TO THE BLUES......... It's what I've loved and lived. After moving on from my mothers death at such a young age I became addicted to pain killers and eventually became freed from all of it; that is what this album ' Broken Chains' means to me.


Kenn Pratt - Broken Chains


Het album gaat rustig van start, we horen vogels fluiten en Kern warmt kort zijn vingers op met een prachtige intro.

Een mooi begin van een album met zoveel moois. Kern brengt in Greenville Missisippi Blues een gepassioneerde ode aan zijn woonplaats (wat te denken van de begeleiding op piano van Eden Brent). Vervolgens laat Kern horen een werkelijk begenadigd gitaarspeler te zijn op Light are on, But Nobody's Home (cover van albert Collins).  Horen we blazers en orgel op 'Somewhere South of Memphis'. Nog nauwelijks bekomen van de geweldige start van het album, blijft het niveau onwaarschijnlijk hoog. Dit is een man met maar een missie het voelen en leven van de blues. Op het akoestische ' It Hurts Me Too ' wordt even gas teruggenomen en horen we niet allen waar dit nummer over gaat, we voelen het ook. Met ' Handcuffed to The Blues horen we precies wat Kern het allerliefste doet, leven voor zijn muziek. Met Broken Chains wordt het album in stijl afgesloten.