How would you describe your music for the public audience they have never seen you before?


It’s a mix between melancholic pop music, catchy Americana, and timeless rock n’ roll.  Our musical style moves back and forth and covers several traditions within roots music, but we have cultivated our own sound. We are really happy to be working with producer Johan von Feilitzen and Pelle Henricsson who did the mixing and mastering (known for collaborations with In Flames and Refused), they are the sound makers for sure!


Could you Tell us the brief history of your band?


Mats & Linda’s collaboration started an evening in 2003 when they performed a duet; “Steal Him Away” (from “Red Valley” - Linda Malmström 2006).  It was immediately clear that their voices were well suited for each other.


In 2004 Linda and Mats started performing together as a duo, and from then on they have played shows all over Sweden as well as tours in Germany. In 2010 the idea of forming a joint band came up. It started as a recording project after their first child was born. Both of them wanted to get into the studio, and instead of proceeding with two separate careers, they decided to do something together. In the beginning of 2014, Lighthouse Sweden played their first shows. On April 11th 2014 the debut album “Lighthouse” was released. Eventually the live band was formed after the recordings were done.



What kind of music do you listen to today?


We listen to a lot of music, from different genres and decades. Linda work with music full time at a study association, coaching around 60-70 bands and producing concerts. At home we listen to a lot of vinyl records, from Marley to Springsteen and all things in between. Right now we are rediscovering Robbie Robertsons great album from -87 (Mats just bought it on vinyl).


If you could perform with anyone in the world, either dead or alive, or broke up who would it be? Why?


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for sure. Man what a great band that is!


What is the best place to write a song?


Mats writes a lot of songs with best friend and fellow musician Gunnar Hofverberg. They usually go to a cottage in the country over a weekend to write songs and just focus on  music. Linda writes songs whenever inspiration comes, and sometimes while putting the kids to sleep through improvisation. The best place is wherever you are when you get that impulse or inspiration to do it.


Which artist inspired you to become artists yourself?


For Linda, it is Emmylou Harris and Leonard Cohen. For Mats it would be Muddy Waters, The Band and of course The Rolling Stones.


What was the best gig you ever played? Why?


I feel that with this band we’ve had so many great gig experiences, so it’s hard to think of one particular. But we really loved our first gig at the Blues Garage in Hannover. It’s such a cool place and the audience were really into it. More recently, the album release gig in our home town about 2 weeks ago was amazing. It’s sometimes hard to give your best in your home town in front of people you know, but that night was really magic!


What can people expect to see at your live performances?


We are first and foremost a liveband, to play live is what we love to do! I think people can expect great songs with both variety and a lot of soul. Some smokin’ guitar solos from our left handed guitar hero Tobias “Sir Toby” Bergström is not uncommon. We take turns in lead vocals and with 4 out of 5 people singing you can expect some sweet harmonies.


What makes you proud of the best song you’ve written the most ?


Linda is really happy about writing the song “Queen of hearts” from the album “Lighthouse”, it’s always great when you get to travel through time and also take on another persona – this time an old guy who can’t stop gambling.


What else do you do besides play music?


We love to travel, and enjoy food and wine. We also like to hang out in our cottage and just relax with the kids. And we like football!


What is your favorite album by another artist?


Impossible to list one! But “Wrecking Ball” by Emmylou Harris is a favorite, as well as “Oh Mercy” by Bob Dylan. Both produced by Daniel Lanois.