Reverend Freakchild - Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues

De naam van het album zegt het eigenlijk allemaal.

De muziek van Reverend Freakchild is net als de titel van het album bijzonder. Op het album ' Hillbily Zen-Punk Blues' staan tien nummers. Op het inmiddels derde album horen we Reverend Freakchild de blues in combinatie met pop en 

psychedelia spelen. Maar de basis is en blijft zijn geloof en liefde voor de muziek en het Boeddhisme. Zijn sterke voorliefde voor beiden maken zijn teksten veelal filosophisch en beeldend. Wat opvalt is de knappe combinatie van stijlen en het ongekende enthousiasme waarmee Reverend Freakchild zijn muziek speelt. Het album heeft mij aangenaam verrast. ' Hillbily Zen-Punk Blues is een heerlijk album geworden . En na het beluisteren van het album begrijp ik de album titel nog beter. Overtuig jezelf en luister naar dit knappe album.



What are you listening to lately? 

I was going through a bit of a Grateful Dead kick lately but this morning I was listening to Howlin' Wolf -

Which line/phrase on your album is your favorite and could you try to explain why?

Well the single/first track from the new CD Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues is called "All I Got is Now" and it's not only a great song with an infectious beat but it's also a great reminder to have gratitude for this existence that we find ourselves living.  The tune is actually a reference to the four reminders in Buddhism - each verse loosely corresponding to (precious human birth, impermanence, samsara, karma) so it's great to have it in the set especially when I'm on the road - it kinda like a groovy prayer and a rockin meditation all in one!

Which artist inspired you to become an artist yourself?

Well I'd have to say my Mom first and for most - she is a classical pianist.  But my Dad turned me onto the blues early on - Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller), Howling Wolf, etc. But ya can't be in the modern age and escape the Beatles.

What was the best show you ever played or felt the best vibe and what was the most embracing moment on stage?

I sang with a 150 person gospel choir at Avery Fisher Hall in NYC.  I was a soloist on one number and it was amazing having that full band and all those beautiful voices behind me and then getting the audience up and singing 'I still have Joy!" Feelin the spirit working through me and all those folks rejoicing in song - amazing!

Did You ever censored yourself in a song ?

There's a confessional song I wrote some years back when I was really young, dumb an full of cum called 'Stupid Motherfucker' - a version of it is on the album God Shaped Hole.  I'll still play it if requested but I'm careful to be respectful and be sure it's the late set and there aren't any young kids around

What can we expect of your music  in the near future and what direction do you want to go with your music ?

I think I'm just getting started - this latest album was a joy to record with my blues guru Hugh Pool at his studio Excello in Brooklyn and also world renound drummer Chris Parker.  We'll be back in the studio over this winter working on some new blues tracks - thinking of calling the new project "Everything is Now!"

How would you describe your perfect day?

Like the Lou Reed song?

What else do you do besides play music?

I'm currently studying Tibetan Buddhism - it's some heavy shit man!

What is your favorite album by another artist?

You know I love the blues and have been listening to a bunch of Grateful Dead lately - but for some reason I'm gonna go with, for this answer in this interview - A Space in Time by Ten Years After.  You know that album? I love it. I use to have it on vinyl and drift off to it and then have to get up and flip to side B - Alvin Lee and that whole hippie blues thing - "I'd love to change the world.", "One of these days" - magical stuff!

The  last question is perhaps the most important…… what question would you ask a performer if it was up to you 

I use to work with cancer kids and

sometimes I'd joke with them that if I got cancer and got a wish from the Make a Wish Foundation - I'd request a dinner with Bob Dylan and his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama - but I'd probably just sit there and listen.