Charlie Wheeler Trio - Rewind


What an outstanding blues-rock album this is! The tone is being set from the first note. The band work themselves into a sweat from that first note. Charlie Wheeler is ultimately convincing, both as a guitar player and as a singer.

Then add the fixed driving force of the rhythm-section (Dave Fink on bass and Rad Akers behind drums) and the sum of its parts is "Rewind". The groove on the album reminds you of a combination of The Black Crows and The Allman Brothers with a pinch of Pearl Jam. Nevertheless the band succeeds in presenting a unique sound. The lyrics show substance and depth; each song tells a story. "Making love in the afternoon" is a perfect example of a song to which many people can relate. In my opinion this third album of Charlie Wheeler Trio truly deserves to be heard. Choice songs on this cast-iron album are "Rewind" and "Lady Luck".