How do you describe your music to people?

Honest. as honest as possible. I try to speak of things i mean and really feel. They have been calling it indie-soul for some time, and i like the description. But the label doesn't always say a lot. 

When did you first start singing? 


I believe people never start singing, it's just that they stop. You are born singing, everybody is. It is a natural thing. Then we un-learn it. We are thought that we can't, or it sounds bad, or we shouldn't or that it's embarrassing. but it is natural for everybody. Like the rapper Talib Quali says: if you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing

Who are your musical inspirations?


Right now I'm listening a lot to old music from the sixties and seventies. But i started as a fan of reggae. That's how I learned music originally, we had a reggae band when I was a kid, (and we actually still meet and play once a year more or less). Somehow I loved the rhythm and the easiness in the lyrics. The melodies where never complicated and belonged to everybody. It was not an exclusive type of music. 

What kind of music do you listen to today?


Everything really. Today I spent the day listening to Air's 'Moon Safari'. But i love the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Swedish/Dutch singer Cornelis Vreeswijk and all types of hiphop.

Is there a particular song or musical passage that never fails to move you emotionally?


Imagine by John Lennon

What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player?


I don't have one... but I'm not emberassed by music anymore. There is always something interesting in everything. When i was a kid i listened to Doctor Bombay, haha that might be a bit off pissed from where i am now. 

What genre of music can't you stand not listening to?


Singer songwriter music i guess... that and Colombian Vallenato, (my mother is Colombian). Those two never fail. 

What are your songs about? (are there specific themes  they cover?) 


The last album has been about the struggle of just being you. The weight of being human. But i like love songs and political songs too. Its just that I disguise them as other songs.

What songs of yours are you the most proud of, and why?


All my songs on th latest record. They are beautiful. I love them. They took such a long time to produce and now they are out. That is a great feeling. 

What is your favorite track on your  album? 


Right now: Dadada yesterday: I Hate you but i miss you when you're gone. The day before: Gabo The day before that: break my heart

What's the furthest show from your home that you have done?


In Bogota in Colombia. I performed there on the television. It was far out and far away :)

What's your outlook on the record industry today? 


We are all part of the music industry. Even me, I am the owner of my own record label. I think it has always been the same. Where there is power there is corruption and that goes for music too. The good thing is that you can't fake good music. You can't fake honest music and you can't fake love for music. So somehow  I think the truth will come out. I often meet people that work or have worked for the major labels giving me compliments at my gigs, and they come up to me and excuse themselves. They speak of themselves working at the major labels as if they had a sexually transmitted disease and wanted to fuck. I always tell them that they shouldn't be ashamed of the companies they work for. Many of my idols are signed to the major labels. And that I am glad that they like my music for what it is. In the long run, nobody remembers the people that didn't do music as a spiritual thing. The people that see it as a way to be glamorous are often forgotten quickly. 

Is there something you would like to do more of in the future?


Just music. And perhaps getting drunk with my friends from time to time. 

Where would you like to find yourself in ten years?


In  The Hague, or at some big outdoor festival performing in front of a bunch of people. 

Samson For President - Sisyphus


Samson For president is het alter ego van de Zweedse muzikant

Martin Wahlgren Bejarano. Sisyphus is het tweede album voor Samson For President. De titel van het album is een verwijzing naar de Griekse mythologie , Sisyphus was de stichter en koning van Korinthe (volgens sommigen is hij de vader van Odysseus).

De muziek van Samson For President wordt ook wel omschreven als indie-soul. Natuurlijk is Sysyphus een soul plaat, maar absoluut anders dan andere soulplaten. Samson For President heeft voor zijn prachtige muziek geen toeters en bellen nodig. De basis is sober met voornamelijk het geluid van piano, electronica of akoestische gitaren, incidenteel aangevuld met percussie en/of andere details. De zang is warm, indringend en soulvol. Op het album horen we negen nummers die samen iets langer dan een half uur duren.  Dit is een album uit de buitencategorie. Absoluut een album voor de jaarlijstjes.