Which line/phrase on your album is your favorite? and could you try to explain why it feels like that?

There are lots of verses and words and feelings on this album that talk about something personal and important in our lives, as people and as musicians, and everyone of us has their own personal favorite. I’m gonna stick with the motto of this particular album and this particular time in our careers, about the friends and loved ones that you miss when you are on the road but always carry deep inside of you: “no matter where you are, we are brothers”

The second question is: Could you explain how you came up with the band name “The Soul Jacket”?

When we were getting the band together and found Toño, our singer, we realized that our clearly blues and rock & roll oriented songs always turned a little more soul and “black” whenever he jumped into them with that unique voice of his. That’s when the name came to us, the southern soul and funk  was like an elegant piece of cloth –like a “jacket”-  that we put on our rock & roll music.

My third question:  Who are your musical heroes?

Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, James Brown, Van Morrison, The Band, The Meters, The Beatles, Solomon Burke, The Rolling Stones, Canned Heat, CCR, Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac, The Allman Brothers, Peter Tosh, Taj Mahal, Gil Scott Heron, Leon Russell, Allen Toussaint… and the list goes on.

What was the best show you ever played or felt the best vibe and what was the most embarrassing moment on stage?

We sure remember a few special shows, and from time to time some gigs have that “something” that makes you keep on with this. Any concert at La Iguana Club -our second home in the heart of Vigo- has been special in it’s own way, as you play surrounded by your friends and neighbors and the vibe is always something to remember. We never had a real embarrassing moment on stage, things just happen and you got to carry on with the show… but from time to time (and fortunately we only remember one or two) there’s people in some of the cities and venues who still don’t respect the musician on stage and tend to attract the whole attention of the audience by yelling out something stupid… but, FUCK THEM!! (they know who they are :))

The fifth question: Wich other band from Spain deserves our attention and why?

I know that when somebody asks you these kinds of questions you always tend to support your friends and the bands living in your town or the ones you shared a stage with more often and so on. But it is a fact that South Galicia is living a GREAT moment when it comes to rock & roll, folk and American country-based music.
If you’re looking for a folk and Laurel Canyon pop band you MUST check “Niño Y Pistola”, they’re from our very hometown and their last two albums –“There’s a Man With A Gun Over There” and “Bie Kid” are both master pieces. Especially the last one: their final goodbie to all their fans, due to an inevitable –yet friendly- split up (we’ll miss you!!)
If you dig Jamaican roots reggae and rock steady (as we surely do) don’t miss our friends The Transilvanians. Also from our hometown, “Echo, Vibes and Fire” is a great album to listen to while you cook something spicy in the comfort of your kitchen :D
From Madrid, you should definitely check out Freedonia. Ten musicians burning down the stage with a greasy, black and sweaty Funk (note to all readers: pronounced F-O-N-K, I’m not using the word “funky” here!).
We also like The Travelling Brothers, Julian Maeso, Los Tupper, The Pilgrim Rose and of course Hendrik Röver and his multiple country rock projects.

The last question and maybe the most important…… what kind of a question you should ask a performer as it was up to you?

To any band that’s getting on with this business: “Did you ever -when you were starting to play- thought that your music could be listened to and shared by people so distant?” And if so: “when did you realize that you had made that crucial step and that you had reached that goal you were looking for?”



Deze geweldige muzikanten bewijzen dat de blues niet altijd uit de Missisippi Delta hoeft te komen. De soul niet uit de zuidelijke staten van de Verenigde Staten.

Dit zestal uit Spanje bewijst dat op een zeer overtuigende manier. 

Blues , rock ,soul en funk zijn de ingrediënten voor een vijftien nummers lange zegetocht.  Goed hoorbaar is dat de heren in hun jeugd hebben geluisterd naar de muziek van hun ouders. Van James Brown tot de Rolling Stones , van Ray Charles tot de Allman Brothers. De muziek voelt overal vertrouwd maar ademt toch een eigen stijl uit. Op het alweer derde album zetten de heren zich wat mij betreft 

definitief op de kaart. Deze band verdient het echt om ook buiten de eigen landgrenzen aandacht te krijgen en gehoord te worden. Laat je meevoeren in een trip van een uur en geniet van al dit moois. Een album uit de buitencategorie.