Stonerider - Hologram


Met het album ' Hologram ' brengt de band Stonerider uit Georgia , Atlanta haar derde album uit. De band is sedert 2008  actief en heeft in de loop der jaren zichzelf muzikaal weten te ontwikkelen. Voor haar derde album besloot de band haar muziek live op te nemen in de studio en zo puur mogelijk vast te leggen. Deze directe en gedurfde aanpak pakt prima uit. 

We horen de band energieke rock and roll spelen met referenties naar de blues en psychedelische soul. 

De muziek kenmerkt zich door harmonieuze zang , stevige gitaar riffs en het geluid van het Hammond orgel. 

Met Hologram geeft de band haar visitekaartje af en maakt het album reuze nieuwsgierig naar live optredens van de band. Van Stonerider gaan we vast en zeker nog veel horen. 



Matt Tanner - Lead Guitar/Vox
Jason Krutzky - Drums/vox
Noah Pine - Magic Keys

John Pratt - Bass


What was the first LP/Tape/CD you bought with your own money? 


Matt - Aerosmith's first record.?


Noah - Maybe the first cassette tape I bought was Meatloaf, Bat Out of Hell. I bought the Blind Melon cassette tape, too. And Exodus, from Bob Marley.


Jason - Hard to say for sure, but maybe Pearl Jam Vitalogy on tape, and Eagles Hell Freezes Over on CD.


John - The better angels of my memory suggest that it was either Dark Side of the Moon, Zeppelin IV, or Zenyatta Mondatta - all 3 of which I do remember buying. Truthfully, however, it was probably some 90’s kid cliche like Now! That’s What I Call Music Vol. 5 or whatever. 



What did you listen to when you started playing guitar? 


Matt - Jimi Hendrix. I also liked 311 a lot when I was 14, so Tim Mahoney, too. 


Noah - Older bro, Dov, plays guitar and my dad plays guitar and exotic turkish gypsy Szazz’s and bazookie’s. I learned piano and like playing guitar too. 


Jason - I got my first guitar a few years before I got drums. I was way into all the ‘grunge’ stuff at the time. Nirvana, Weezer, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, etc. 


John - I had these phases with the greatest hits albums of a bunch of different hard rock bands in middle school. I think Aerosmith was the first, then I got Zeppelin, Hendrix, and Floyd all around the same time. My dad also had some Leo Kottke records so that was pretty huge too. 



Where did you see music when you were younger?


Matt - MTV, back when they actually had music on the tube. 


Noah - Saw the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan at RFK stadium when I was 13 with Dov and our uncle, Jonathan. I saw Jimmy Page and Robert Plant at Lakewood Amphitheater when I was in middle school. I hung out at the Northside Tavern for Sunday afternoon blues teen jam. I lusted over cool live music. Always going to shows. Also I’d go see my piano teacher perform. Churchill Grounds local jazz club. Medeski, Martin, and Wood, oh ya. 


Jason - My favorite place was one called The International Ballroom, in Atlanta. When I was old enough to actually go to shows with my friends, that’s the place all the bands we wanted to see were playing. 


John - Live music wasn’t really a thing where I was growing up. I’m from Dothan, Alabama and by the time I was old enough to go to shows the MySpace metalcore/emo era was in full throttle, so let’s just say I had a lot to overcome on the way to where I am now. I saw Tom Waits in Birmingham when I was 18, which was cool. There were some other good ones, but that’s the one I remember. 



What made you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in music? 


Matt - I've had those dreams as far back as I can remember. 


Noah - The first time I heard blues on vinyl when I was like 10. The piano sounds fucked me up. Really affected me and that was it. Wild. The chasing of a feeling and sound. And still, everyday I just wanna do music so bad that it will fuck you up. 


Jason - I knew I wanted to do music really early on. I don’t know if there was one defining thing that happened, but my uncle played in bands when he was younger, and maybe it had something to do with him. I thought he was the coolest dude ever. 


John - Ever since I started listening to rock it was this dream I kind of had. From a pretty young age I wanted to find reconciliation and redemption for my struggles and weirdness in the depths of one big roaring guitar solo. Then I just listened to a bunch of different music and got to a point of playing 4 instruments well and not really wanting to do anything else with my time. 


What are you listening to lately? 


Matt - Nigerian compilations from the 70s. 


Noah - Merkins blowing in the wind. A few blew off the clothesline, think a storm is rolling in. Sometimes just prefer to listen to two merkins being rubbed together or wild dogs creepin’ in the dawn. Like the sounds of the crickets on a warm georgia summer night.

Or the hoot of an owl doing its thing. 


Jason - Paul McCartney’s first solo record has been on repeat for a few days. On the local front, I’ve been spinning the latest Tedo Stone album & the new Brother Hawk record. Dungen & Jonathan Wilson records never stray too far from my record player. 


John - Outlaw country. Dub reggae. Jazz standards. The Beatles.


What songs of yours are you most proud of, and why? 


Matt - At this moment, maybe Hologram. I think we created some really nice atmosphere in that track. 


Noah - If the songs are your children, you would have to tell each one of them that they are your favorite. 


Jason - I’m with Noah on this one. No favorites, and proud of all of them! 


John - This is a tough question for me because I haven’t really written many songs. I spent a lot of time becoming a player and writing hasn’t come as easily for me. We’ll see what happens, I guess. StoneRider is in the middle of writing cool new material as of this interview, which is exciting. 



Have you always been a rock fan, or did you come into the genre later in your life? 


Matt - Yea, pretty much from the get go. 


Jason - Fa sho. Always been a music fan, period, but The Rolling Stones are particularly synonymous with my earliest memories. 


John - I’m a typical millenial. The internet has enabled me to dabble around and obsess over any kind of music I want. Rock was the first thing I got into, but I definitely am not purely a rocker. My favorite bassists are guys like Chuck Rainey, James Jamerson, Bob Babbit, Duck Dunn. All that greasy soul and R&B stuff. My favorite rock bassist is probably McCartney or Danko. Pino Palladino is also a huge inspiration. 


How do you promote your shows? 


Matt - Online and word of mouth. A promoter will occasionally do their job, ha!

Jason makes wooden signs for local shows. 


Jason - Yea, I like to hand paint wooden signs and hang them on telephone poles. 


John - Social media, flyers, word of mouth...ya know. I’m not usually in charge of promo though. 


As an artist, is there anything special you hope to be able to accomplish? 


Matt - Aside from creating art that inspires others and resonates with the folks who let it, and making a living doing so, not really. 


Noah - To be a self-sustaining human being. 


Jason - I want to write music that resonates with lots of people and sends me on travels all over the world. 


John - Heal suffering and generate fun and safety for people of all creeds and kinds with the power rock and roll music. 



What is your favorite non-musical pastime? 


Matt - Eating. I like food, a lot. 


Noah - Hot springs. Kombucha. Brindle pit bulls. 


Jason - Netflix & chill. Running. Generally staying busy. 


John - Craft beer. Running. Stand-up comedy. Watching baseball or fishing with my dad. Reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I am a blast. 



What should people know about you? 


Matt - That if the left one don’t get ya, then the right one will. 


Noah - It takes a lot of practice to be a righteous fellow and I am practicing and I pray to the universe for the strength to grow into a wild lion that has a strong delicious mate for mating, loving, and living good. I don’t want to be known as the bison that’s exiled from the heard and wanders the plains for years and then swims too far out into the ocean into the horizon. 


Jason - I like to get my nose real close when I’m smelling things. 


John - I can be kind of a confusing person to hang with. I am a pretty spacey guy, but it’s because I think a lot. I think it’s important to stay healthy and try to find enlightenment in some form or another. Life is full of illusions and it makes it difficult to find a clear path. That’s why people do drugs and watch TV all day or whatever. They want to avoid themselves, and when you look at the way life tends to carry on without any real explanation or confirmation that we have control over it or are doing it right, that’s understandable. We tend to hear the same advice over and over again for years until it just becomes noise. Confusion and uncertainty can make it seem like a miracle that anyone gets anywhere, let alone where they want to be. Still, I have faith that we can all adjust and find the path. 


Where would you like to find yourself in ten years? 


Matt - Happily making music and touring the world. Hopefully living somewhere that's really green and lovely. 


Noah - I’m cool with being anywhere as long as it includes lots of love, happiness, food on my table, clean undies to wear, clean ocean to jump in, sunshine, and fun stuff in general. Hopefully there are coconuts and tasty ganja in this far off 10 year paradise. 


Jason - I want to be hanging out with Noah in his paradise. Sounds nice. 


John - I’ll be 36. Hopefully the next 10 years will eclipse the last 10 in terms of accomplishment and coolness, haha. I’d like to have started a family by or around then. It would be cool to find some real success as a player and artist. I’d like to have true value, someone that provides more than just entertainment and service. I’d like to create real works of art and help people unlock secrets about the way they function and thrive and what they can do to gain strength and attract positive things. But I have my own fog to lift, so I won’t pretend to know what that all means just yet. I guess I’d also like to have some independent financial security, and a house.