How would you describe your music for the public audience they have never seen you before?

My music is from my soul, and the things I've gone through in life, It's blues, soul and gospel.

Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Non musical my grand mother ( big mama) musical , Bobby Bland, Son House, Z.Z.Hill, Bobby Womack and Albert King. 

Do you write out your lyrics? Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?


I write my lyrics myself and stick to them. For there from my soul it is so hard to change them , unless I forget a word, but I'm only human. 

When Are You Completely Satisfied With Your Work?

Well , I'm never satisfied with my work & pray that I never am.

Has there been one particular moment in your musical career that you’re most proud of?

Playing with artists like David Honey Boy Edwards , Lazy Lester , Henry Gray and  Leon Blue , and being nominated for the BB King Entertainer of the Year Award 2015.

Someone once said write what you would want to perform over and over. With that in mind, what song do you love to perform the most and why?

The 'Blind Alley' album ! Cause it took me 6 months to write.

What kind of music do you listen to today?

Every day i hear new stuff and as long as it's good music I will listen to it.

What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player?


Take on Me by A-ha. , to poppy but I love it.

If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be? 

It would be to go back to gospel I think , it's the only other music that truly moves my soul.

What is the furthest show from your home that you have done?

The furthest places I've been are Japan and Australia.

Do you ever consider to record/do a live album?  

Yes I do , I'm trying to record one for next year.


If you had the opportunity to change something about the music industry what would it be?


I would like to change the minds of promoters , to give new guys a chance in the business !! 


What else can we expect from you in the future?

More of the same , good songs, great shows and hard work when you hire me !

Off course if there is anything you would like to add or share please feel free to do so

I would just like to say, thanks to the blues world for all the love i receive ! Peace and Good Karma - Sugaray



 Sugaray Rayford - Southside


Wat een groots album hebben we hier. Sugaray is niet alleen in verschijning erg groot ook zijn vocale kwaliteiten zijn groots te noemen. Alle nummers zijn door Sugaray zelf geschreven en laten een combinatie van  blues, funk en soul horen. Het openingsnummer ' Southside Of The Town' heeft een laid back jazzy groove . Op het volgende nummer 'Miss Thang' horen we bijvoorbeeld stevige gitaarrifs met een funky begeleiding van zijn uitstekende band. Het in de soul gedrenkte ' Call Of The Mission' met blazers is een prima voorbeeld van de diversiteit die te horen is op het album. Mijn favoriete nummer is ' All I Think About' , een nummer met een stevige funky groove in een onmiskenbare Memphis sauce gegoten. Voor alle liefhebbers van blues en soul is dit album een aanrader.