The Beat Daddy's - Hoodoo That We Doo


The Beat Daddys uit Kentucky lopen al meer dan dertig jaar mee in de wereld van de blues. De band rond oprichters van het eerste 

uur Larry Grisham (zang en mondharmonica) en Tommy Stillwell (gitaar en backing vocals) hebben na aan lange stilte ' Hoodoo That We Doo ' opgenomen. Na het beluisteren van het album mogen we gerust concluderen dat het wachten de moeite meer dan waard is geweest. Met speels gemak combineren de heren diverse stijlen blues, gospel en een vleugje rock tot een meer dan overtuigend geheel. Vanaf de eerste noot horen we een band in grootse vorm.  The Beat Daddy's hebben met ' Hoodoo That We Doo ' een geweldig album opgenomen. Wat mij betreft op naar de volgende dertig jaar. Laten we hopen dat we niet meer zolang op een nieuw album hoeven te wachten. 


Answers from:

Larry Grisham - vocals & harmonica

Tommy Stilwell - guitars & backing vocals



How do you describe your music to people?


Larry: Blues rooted, soulful Rockin' soulful sounds.

Tommy: Written from our own experiences. Real and not written

by any "songwriting formula".



Who are some of your favorite composers, musicians and bands from

the past and present?

Larry: Johnny Winter, Paul Rodgers, Elvis, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Triggerfinger,

Ray Charles, Hank Williams Sr., SRV, Humble Pie, John Mayall, Peter Green, Stones, and on and on.............

Tommy: As song writers in the popular culture, I would have to say the conversation for me begins with 

Lennon & McCartney. Great  poets or storytellers in song would have to be Bob Dylan, John Prine and John Mellencamp.

Then as favorite bands or musicians I would have to add Jimi Hendrix to Larry's list. But to be honest, there are just too many to list. 

When did you first start singing? 

Larry: Professionally around 1971.

Tommy: Early 1960s in church. Later, professionally around 1973.


What was the first tune(s) you learned?

Larry: Houndog.

Tommy: The old spiritual song "He's All I Need". Learned it from a preacher in church.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Larry: Everyone who makes a living at it, everyone who enjoys it, everyone who "gets it"

Tommy: I know this will sound silly but, early on when I was about 13 years old I was watching The Beatles "Help" movie on TV.

When they showed them writing songs & recording in the studio, I said to myself "I would like to do that for a living.

It had nothing to do with all the screaming fans. It just seemed like a cool job to have.

Write, record, and perform music. I would have to say that was a defining inspiration for me.

What was the first musical experience that really touched you?

Larry: The Tucson Blues festival was cool to see everyone knowing the words to our songs, we had never been in

front of that large a crowd and they knew the words! 1998 I think.

Tommy: Seeing Howlin' Wolf in 1972. Then from an emotionally charged aspect I would have to say seeing The Who live

in 1975.


Other than the people you’re with now (off course they are the best) ,but if you could get any

musician, living or dead, who would be in your "dream band?"

Larry: Jimi Hendrix, John Bonham, Duck Dunn, Ray Charles, Memphis Horns.

Tommy: I couldn't begin to answer that. That would be like asking a kid to pick his favorite 4 or 5 candies out

of a store full of millions of his favorite candies. Sorry.

Is there a particular song or musical passage that never fails to move you


Larry: Puff the Magic Dragon.


Tommy: River of Tears. But to be honest, there are a lot of songs that "sweep me up" emotionally.

Who would you most like to open for?

Larry: Eric Clapton

Tommy: Eric Clapton

Do you get nervous before a performance?

Larry: Yes, and very quiet until I hit the stage.

Tommy: Not really. Never have. I'm usually to busy and focused. 

I do feel an elevated level of excitement. Almost like a high.

How do you promote your shows?

Larry: Social Media, radio, promoters, Publicists, posters.

Is there something you would like to do more in the future?

Larry: Sleep, love and happiness.

Tommy: Be with family, and travel with my sweetheart.

Where would you like to find yourself in ten years?

Larry: Still living, enjoying music, life, and happiness.

Tommy: Above ground, still doing what I do. Music given me a fulfilled existence in my life.

I would like to continue it as long as I can.