The Steepwater Band - Shake Your Faith


Met ' Shake Your Faith ' brengt The Steepwater Band uit Chigago haar zesde cd uit. Net als op het vorige album is Jim Wirt wederom verantwoordelijk voor de productie. De invloed van de producer is goed terug te horen op het album.

Vanaf het eerste nummer op het album laat de band ons weer geniet van de o zo vertrouwde eigen sound.

De muziek van de Steepwater Band kunnen we omschrijven als een mix van stijlen. Zo horen we de band rock, blues, pop en funk combineren tot haar eigen sound ; The Steepwater Band sound. De gitaarpartijen van Jeff Massey en Eric Taylors zijn werkelijk een lust voor het oor , of het nu de psychedelische uitstapjes zijn of de meer pop georiënteerde gitaarsolo's. Het is duidelijk dat de heren van The Steepwater band wederom de juiste snaar weten te raken met het nieuwe album.







When did you start writing about music—and what or who were your early passions and influences?


Jeff- Well I started playing guitar around age 14 and started writing shortly after.  I can't remember writing lyrics that early on but I was coming up with riffs and guitar parts as well as learning from anyone and anywhere I could  Jimmy Page and Robby Krieger  where two of my faves at the time and still are , so I was learning a lot of Zeppelin and Doors among other things  


Who are your favorite musicians? Groups? CD's?


Well I could make a list a mile long and my answer might change from day to day  

Zeppelin, Dylan , Neil Young , Muddy Waters.

It's really endless and hard to narrow down but those would be a few that come to mind


Do you get nervous before a performance ?


Well sometimes.  There’s really no logic or reason as to why you get nervous on some days and other days I'm not nervous at all. Environment plays a role for sure.    I'm not good at socializing right before I show.  I prefer to take a few minutes and get in the zone. the more relaxed I am before going on stage the better I feel about performing


How do you promote your shows?


All ways possible. The countless internet outlets are all used but a lot of it is still good old fashioned word of mouth. Put on a good show and stay out there doing it and word gets around


What's your outlook on the record industry today?


Well there's really not much of one anymore, especially for our style of music.  You can find just about any recording by any artist for free these days so album sales don't mean a whole lot.  We decided to release Shake Your Faith independently because we felt we could do a better job and put more into it than a label and lot of our record sales happen in a live show situation.   There are still a few good labels out there that do it right and somehow figure out a way to survive in the industry but we are happy to be independent at least for now


What's your claim to fame?


Hmm.  Claim to fame?    The fact that we are a rock n roll band actually making a living in this day and age.


What inspires you to do what you do?


There's no rush like recording and performing music. It's fulfilling mentally and spiritually.   The energy between an audience and a band performing is a feeling like no other and sometimes beyond description.   The fact that there's more records to make and more shows to do keeps me inspired          Music in general keeps me going whether it's listening , recording , performing, etc.   I find the whole musical experience inspiring


What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player?


Ha.  I don't know.  Musical tastes are subjective I suppose. Plus I mainly listen to vinyl so you might find some “interesting " items in my collection.   I have “How to Tune Your Auto Harp“ on vinyl if you need a copy.


If you weren't singing, what would you be doing?


Well I consider myself a guitar player who sings, so it would be playing guitar without singing. Ha.


Is there something you would like to do more of in the future?


Write more songs.  I'm always intrigued as to what the next song is gonna be and where it is going to come from. Inspiration can strike at strange times.