The Widowbirds - Black Into The Blue

Met ' Black Into The Blue '  heeft het Australische Rock & Soul kwintet haar derde album uitgebracht.  Op het album staan tien no nonsense tracks die stuk voor stuk ijzersterk klinken.

De band omschrijft haar muziek zelf als ' Hard Soul Rock n Roll ' en wat mij betreft dekt deze omschrijving absoluut de lading van hun muziek. Dat de heren de muziek van Led Zepplin een grote inspiratiebron vinden horen we zeker terug in de muziek. De belangrijkste themas op ' Black Into The Blue' zijn de liefde en de dood. Op het album horen we de band haar nummers met passie en heel veel enthousiasme spelen. ' Black Into The Blue ' maakt nieuwsgierig naar de live optredens van de Australische band. In de maanden oktober en november spelen ' The Widowbirds ' op de Europese podia.  Gaat dat zien ! 


*answers from Shane O'Neil , the drummer*

How would you describe your music for the public audience they have never seen you before?


The band’s sound combines elements of soul and rock and roll. We take a tight rhythm section, rocking guitars, wailing organs and a powerful classic rock voice to create a sound we like to call Hard Soul Rock n Roll. 

Who are your musical and non-musical influences?


Musically we love all the rock and soul greats, bands like Led Zepplin, Free, Otis Redding, The Faces, Sam Cook, The Stones... 

The universal themes of Life, Love and Death run through all the tunes on our new album Black Into The Blue

Do you write out your lyrics? Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?

Tony and Simon are the lyricists for The Widowbirds. We always like to have moments in the live show where we jam and be creative with our songs. No two Widowbird Shows are the same.

When Are You Completely Satisfied With Your Work?

As a band we are always striving to be the best we can can be. Creativity is always a challenging and ongoing journey, so being completely satisfied is a rare thing. Having said that, we are extremely proud of our new record and are looking forward to sharing it with our European brothers and sisters.

Someone once said write what you would want to perform over and over. With that in mind, what song do you love to perform the most and why?

Dream Catcher off our new record is fun to play live. It has this really tough Phil Rudd (ACDC) kinda of groove. It’s like driving a big rig through the audience.

What kind of music do you listen to today?

I was rocking with Iron Maiden, The Black Crows and The Stones today...

What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player?

Don’t tell anyone, but I might have Beyonce’s Single Ladies somewhere in my itunes collection. “Put your hands up!“

If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be?

We love all kinds of music, but why dabble in other forms of music when you can bathe in Hard Soul Rock n Roll.

What is the furthest show from your home that you have done?

Any show in Europe is a long way from home, but on our 2013 tour we played in Stokholm which is 15,586 km from Sydney!

What else can we expect from you in the future?

Eat, sleep, ROCK, repeat.

Off course if there is anything you would like to add or share please feel free to do so

We really love taking our music to the world, and we look forward to sharing our new album Black Into The Blue with all the Hard Soul Rock n Roll belivers in Europe.